Consulting services

With its broad range of services, Energy Transfer Vienna brings true quality of life to the up and coming large cities. Years of experience and know-how from the institutions of the City of Vienna, personal commitment and our aspiration to always staying ahead of the times have allowed us to gain a leading position in Europe in the area of environmental management.


The security of the energy supply and maintenance of environmental quality of life is one of the main concerns of our civilisation. Vienna is considered internationally to be an exemplary city in terms of sustainable waste management combined with a highly efficient supply system. The experience gathered in Vienna should serve to support global efforts toward a clean environment. It is against this backdrop that Energy Transfer Vienna was founded.

The collaboration between internationally renowned companies from the construction, installation and plant engineering sectors with the operators of Vienna’s waste management facilities and power plants ensures efficient, environmentally sound and proven project solutions. Specialists from the fields of marketing, finance and promotion round off the Energy Transfer Vienna’s range of services and enable integrated project implementation.


Applied technical expertise

Comprehensive application of analytical methodologies in the field of integrated waste management; Development oversight and implementation of small disposal concepts up to drafting of master plans; Development and construction of specialized waste treatment and Biogas plants, etc.

Field experience

Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Czech Rep., Croatia,  Hungary, India, Kosovo, Macedonia, Monte Negro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Turkey, Ukraine

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